In a world saturated with information and disinformation, my work seeks to capture the essence of our digital battleground. It reflects the chaotic clash of ideas, narratives, and ideologies that define our times. The brutalist aesthetic influence in my art takes us to a dystopian future, where technology and society intertwine in unpredictable ways. I use a mix of traditional and digital media to create a chaotic yet harmonious synergy, mirroring the fusion of man and its creations. Through the vibrant neons, I illuminate the shadows of our interconnected world, shedding light on the hidden truths and obscured realities that often elude our grasp. My work is a reflection of this age, where the boundaries between reality and virtuality blur, and where the struggle for control over information rages on. Ultimately, my art serves as a visual manifesto, a testament to the neon-soaked, information-driven, and fast world we find ourselves in, inviting viewers to question, to explore, and to decode the layers of meaning hidden within its bright, bold colours and intricate mixed and digital media.
Illuminating the dark.
Upfest 2018 
Worthing Museum Gallery Show - Open 18
Korpfest 2019
Cheltenham Arts Show 2019
Worthing Museum Gallery Show - Open 20
The Corner Collective Gallery Show 2023
Dirty Gold - Online Exhibition
Atomic Gold - Online Exhibition
Do You Really Want To Know? (How Sausages Are Made) - Online Exhibition
Various Gallery and Arts Trail representation
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