After a long career in the music business I came to a crossroads in my life with an almighty crash.  Amongst the debris of this breakdown i found myself working in the studio of acclaimed street artist my dog sighs, just helping out bringing some of his work into the digital realm and being a general dogs body.

It's from this period I started my art journey, first as a street artist putting lyrics and scribbles out onto the streets of portsmouth. using the moniker 'little blue' my cartoon blue elephant started finding his way into various shows and walls.

After a rather precarious solo trip to the MOMA in new york, my interest started to veer into abstract art. the energy, emotion and freedom inspired me to approach my work differently.
I now draw on the energy of modern life, sound, our relationship with technology, mental health and nature. Preffering loud colour to scream across the white noise.

illuminating the dark.

Upfest 2018 
Worthing Museum Gallery show - Open 18
Korpfest 2019
Cheltenham arts show 2019
Worthing Museum Gallery show - Open 20
DIRTY GOLD - Online exhibition
atomic gold - online exhibition
DO You really want to know? (how they make sausages) - online exhibition
Various Gallery and Arts Trail representation

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